Looking for the perfect place for your parents or loved ones?

As a young child, your parents were the ones who guided you along the way, helping you make smart decisions to ensure a happy, safe and productive life. Today, as an adult with aging parents who may be considering a lifestyle change, this could be your time to return the favor.

As your parents look to the future, this is the perfect time to begin discussing available senior living options. Why now, you ask? Because the best time for older adults to consider a Life Plan Community (formerly known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC) is before it's actually needed, thereby ensuring that it's their choice, made and lived while they can get the most out of their active and healthy retirement life.

Moorings Park Grande Lake prides itself on our many family centered programs designed to enhance their life ... and yours.

As we have always said, “It's better to make the move two years too early than two days too late.” The staff at Moorings Park Grande Lake is happy to help you begin this discussion with you or your parents by answering any questions you may have about our newest Life Plan Community.

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