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Resident Spotlight: 5 Reasons to Choose Moorings Park Grande Lake As Your New Home

August 16, 2018

Nancy and Jim Whiteman, longtime Naples’ residents, were very happy with their current home and their current lifestyle. But upon learning about Moorings Park Grande Lake, Naples’ newest Life Plan (CCRC) community, they decided to attend an informational luncheon about the project. It was a decision that changed their lives.

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Explore the Beautiful Beaches in Naples, Florida

August 02, 2018

Those looking to spend their retirement in Florida will love the beautiful beaches found in Naples. The beaches in this area have plenty to offer, such as gorgeous white sand, beautiful water, a laid-back atmosphere, and plenty of sun to soak in.

The beaches of Naples create a pleasant escape or a calm place to recharge and allow you to...

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Many Benefits Await Phase 1 Buyers at Moorings Park Grande Lake

July 26, 2018

The widest choice of residences and prime views, living within close-proximity to the community’s clubhouse, and establishing friendships that will endure for many years are just a few of the many benefits the early buyers at Moorings Park Grand Lake will enjoy. Phase One of the new Life Plan community is approaching the start of...

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A Retirement Community’s Dining Options

July 19, 2018

It’s great to have options. The freedom to choose from a number of possibilities. Banking options, grocery store options, hair salon options and stock options. The list is endless.

Dining options are an important part of our everyday lives, especially for those living in a retirement community. For many, those options can be limited when...

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Celebrate the Arts at These Cultural Attractions in Naples, Florida

June 28, 2018

If you are looking to experience the more sophisticated side of a bustling, cultural community, there is no better place in Florida than Naples to do so. Naples celebrates arts and culture in various ways. From performing arts and children's museums, to visual arts and literature, Naples, Florida truly has it all!

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Moorings Park Grande Lake 80% to Phase 1 Sales Goal

June 13, 2018

Just weeks after announcing Moorings Park Grande Lake, Naples’ newest Life Plan (CCRC) community, had surpassed the 60 percent mark of the developer’s Phase 1 sales goal, the number of sales jumped another 20 percent. The community and sales gallery, located on the south side of Golden Gate Parkway, between Airport-Pulling and Livingston...

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The Peace of Mind of Future Care: Understanding the Advantages of Planning for Retirement

June 07, 2018

There are many things in life that we plan for: our future, our family, our finances – to name just a few. 

As we age, the need to plan ahead takes on a whole new meaning. That’s especially true for those of us approaching retirement. It’s no longer a “we’ll see what happens” approach. Instead, many pre-retirees are planning for their...

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6 Beautiful Golf Courses in Naples, Florida

May 31, 2018

Often acclaimed as "The Golf Capital of the World,” Naples, Florida is home to courses that are picturesque, challenging for all levels of play, and embrace the Florida lifestyle. Moorings Park Grande Lake residents and visitors alike take joy in the tropical conditions and lush fairways.

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Personalize Your Residence and Lifestyle At Your Naples Retirement Community

May 07, 2018

The desire to have something “just the way you want it” occurs nearly every day in our lives. From choosing a new car, with all the bells and whistles included, to buying a new computer loaded with the latest technology and features, to being served a perfectly cooked filet, it’s a great feeling when you get exactly what you want.

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Details Released Regarding Clubhouse At Moorings Park Grande Lake

May 01, 2018

The community’s grande lake and the natural beauty that surrounds it is the design theme for the future clubhouse at Moorings Park Grande Lake, Naples’ newest Life Plan (CCRC) community being developed by Moorings Park and London Bay Homes. From the luxurious lobby, to the lounge bar and dining areas, to the 120-seat theatre, Wegman Design...

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